Hanwri Storage Containers

Hanwri Storage Containers is one of China's largest wholesaler of re-fabricated storage containers. Hanwri has partnered with one of the largest shipping container companies in the world to bring a cheaper alternative to buying and selling used storage containers. Hanwri Storage Containers sells to storage container companies around the world with a huge presence in America. Selling in bulk to storage container companies has allowed Hanwri to be the most affordable aftermarket re-seller of shipping containers once they are no good for transporting goods on ships. Below are some of our most popular aftermarket storage containers we sell in bulk to companies around the world:

  • 20" Standard Container
  • 40" Standard Container
  • 20" High Cube Container
  • 40" High Cube Container

Hanwri Storage Containers Named a Proven Provider

Hanwri Storage Containers has just been informed that it has become a Proven Provider of storage containers. This is a huge honor for Hanwri Storage Containers and is just the latest in a long line of awards that we've received over the years. To view more information about the award, or how Hanwri Storage Containers was chosen as a "Proven Provider" of storage containers check out the storage container page. For those of you unfamiliar with ProvenProvider.com, they research companies across tons of different categories and promotes companies that offer the best products and services at the lowest possible prices.

All of our storage containers are guaranteed to be wind and water tight. Our containers are all made out of one hundred percent steel, and offer a aftermarket life of over twenty years. Please give our sales staff at least month notice while placing an order, as shipping to certain parts of the world can take time. We have the largest fleet of used shipping containers in the Far East. Please take advantage of our affordable shipping containers by calling us today.